Amy MacDormand

I grew up as a church kid, in a household with high morals and family values. My parents were always there to support, teach and love me. I went to Sunday school, my family read us the Bible every night like every church kid does. At the age of 10, I began to be terrified I was going to hell, so I gave my life to Christ. It wasn’t until I was a teenager I began feeling rejected by the church and the kids my age who went to church. I felt like I never fit with the kids going to the youth group, so I stopped going. I kept going to church, but my heart was never in the right place. I developed anxiety issues at the age of 13, which I did my best to hide from people. As I moved into high school I began to drift further and further from God. I started zoning out during service, and I built up resentment in my heart towards the church and even God. My anxiety worsened nearing the last year of high school. I entered dark times. I would hardly leave my house due to the suffocating feeling of anxiety. I got to the point where I felt like a burden to my family and began to question why I was even alive. My mind was a living hell that I couldn’t escape. I became a “crisis Christian” only crying out to God when I needed help. When he wouldn’t answer my prayers I was angry, I felt God didn’t care. Why would a God who is supposed to love me let me suffer? I went to church as little as possible. At the age of 19, I finally was diagnosed with OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and began taking medication to control it. I let my OCD and anxiety define who I was and what I could and couldn’t do. I felt limited in my life by my mind and body.
Little did I know God was at work when I met Sarah Larry at the end of 2016. She kept inviting me to The Potter’s House Church, when finally in February 2017 I came for service. I was asked by the Pastor’s wife Megan if I had accepted Christ and if I was living for him. I had not been personally asked that in such a long time and my answer was no. No, I had not been living for him, I had been fighting him. I prayed with Megan and Sarah at the altar and that’s where change started to happen. I began to actually listen in church and learn things about God’s word I had never considered before. I was prayed for multiple times for my anxiety and OCD. I claimed and still claim freedom from it. One year of church and the mercy of Jesus did more for me than 7 years of therapy ever did. I began doing things outside my comfort zone, I have a wonderful church who supports me and are like my family. I am grateful to God every day for what he has done in my life and the people he has surrounded me with. I am continuing on my journey with God towards freedom and healing of my anxiety and OCD. I am happy and excited for what the future brings because I know if I put my trust in God, his promises and plan I will have an abundant, bright future. Thank you, God, for continuing to deliver me!

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