Kyle Modin


This is how I met Jesus and how He changed me and my life from what it used to be! We grew up in a broken home. We were raised by my dad and didn’t see my mom often. I treated my step-mom very harshly and often argued and fought with her. In school, I never gave my best effort in homework or studying. I was very devoted to playing sports for the school teams. At home, I had a rebellious attitude. I partied with my friends on weekends and resented my parents and their rules. At home, we had constant fights and arguments. We didn’t practice any religion or believe in God. 

My parents kicked me out of the house at age 18 and I began to face the responsibilities of young adulthood. I lived alone, I worked, I got paid and paid my bills. As far as I was concerned I was a success but something was missing on the inside. I went through rough times and was isolated and brokenhearted. I just assumed I needed to find the perfect girl to live with and my problems would go away. I would drink alcohol and use drugs and go to parties and nightclubs with my friends but knew that was unsatisfying and that something was wrong on the inside of me. I was so fearful around women. I was very jealous because my friends had relationships and fornicated and I never experienced any of that. I viewed pornography often and it made me perverted and unsatisfied.

I started to obsess over psychology. Most of my time outside of my full-time job was spent online. I diligently researched psychology and personality theories and disorders. Even researching new age and the occult. My dream was to become a psychologist and open up my own practice one day. While attending the university I dropped out in the second semester of my first year due to the immense pressure I was experiencing socially and internally. I was desperate for any hope in overcoming my fears and finding true fulfillment in life. I was so invested in the lies of psychology and the occult. I was so bound by my fears, my drug abuse, and self-hatred. I could not find the answers I needed for my life and was ready to overdose or possibly jump off a bridge. 

Then I had a personal encounter with God and soon later I heard the gospel preached by Pastor James Pietryzkowski at The Potter’s House Church. I recognized that I was a sinner before God and accepted Jesus Christ into my life. That was March 2, 2014, and I am so grateful to say that I became a born-again believer and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. God has forgiven me, healed me and blessed me. He has given me direction and purpose in life that is truly rewarding. What He has done for me, He can absolutely do for you too! If you don’t know Jesus please consider reaching out to Him today and He will show you the wonders of His love and mercy!

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