Ashley Pietrzykowski

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       I was born and raised in Lloydminster to a healthy, loving, and supporting family. I spent my childhood and teen years playing sports, hanging out with a really great friend group, and thriving in my school work. My parents enrolled me in the Catholic school division in which I started and ended […]

Dale Waldner

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  I was born and raised in a Hutterite colony in Manitoba.  I grew up in a Christian community going to church every day and living a Christian life.  I left the colony when I was 21 with a goal in mind to travel and explore the world.  I moved to Lloydminster for work in […]

Rubie Bejerano

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I’ve been in Lloydminster now for 8 years in May. I’d say it’s been quite a journey coming from the capital city of the Philippines to a small town in Canada, it took me at least three years to finally embrace reality. It was July 14, 2013, to be exact, when my life had a […]

Sarah Larry

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Before I dedicated my life to Christ, I was an absolute train wreck. I was heavily involved in alcohol and drugs. I was so depressed, that as a teenager I often wondered if I would make it to age 20. I had no idea there was an answer. I was raised by a single mom […]

Amy MacDormand

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I grew up as a church kid, in a household with high morals and family values. My parents were always there to support, teach and love me. I went to Sunday school, my family read us the Bible every night like every church kid does. At the age of 10, I began to be terrified […]

Della Stefanuk

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I was raised in the church and grew up basically a good church kid. Despite having great Christian parents, every person must make a personal decision at some point. From an early age, I was what you would consider a “shy kid”. What most people didn’t realize, was the extent that this “shyness” went. It […]

Chris Biadnes

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I am the youngest of twelve children and grew up in a gracious big family in the Philippines with an overwhelming poverty it was not the pleasant experience. There was a surreal scarcity of food, love, and relationship with our family. I remembered when I was 7 years old, a crisis gradually emerged in my […]